IT Support: The Backbone of any Efficient Business

Oct 25, 2022 | IT Support Cambridge, managed IT services

There are many aspects of running a business that combine to bring about success. From knowing and understanding your customer’s needs to ensuring your team has the right training and resources to deliver excellent service, all backed up by efficient systems that support your business are all pivotal to success. And at the heart of that support are your IT systems including everything from internet connectivity and hardware such as desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles to your data storage and recovery, cyber-security, internal and external communication and more. IT support, whether performed by an internal department or an external third-party supplier, takes responsibility for core business functions including:

Network set up and support

  • Designing wired and wireless internet and communications systems according to the business needs
  • Installing and connecting these services
  • Maintaining, repairing and updating systems as needed

Device set up and support

  • Specifying, procuring and setting up desktop, laptop and tablet computers and mobiles
  • Ensuring secure connectivity for each device
  • Lifecycle management of all devices including updates, redundancy and replacement, responsible disposal

Database and storage set up and management

  • On-site or Cloud-based data storage set up and management
  • Server set up and management

Software set up and support

  • Procuring and managing various software packages for the business (design, finance, customer relationship management, communication etc.)
  • Application set up and management on the network and devices

Cyber-security management

  • Risk assessment and procurement of appropriate security software and hardware
  • Installation and maintenance of security systems, such as Cyber Essentials
  • Creating and testing a disaster recover policy


  • Remote support ticketing and reporting system set up and management
  • Day-to-day support
  • User management (adding new users, removing users when needed, changing access controls etc.)
  • Maintenance of manuals and FAQs for various systems and devices
  • Training staff as needed on device, network, system, software and security procedures

Additionally, IT support’s role is a problem-solving one – every day there will be new challenges to be tackled, whether a system issue, problem with a device, a cyber-threat of some kind or a staff member who needs help with something. Whether you’re managing your IT internally or using a third party, your IT support team is key to running your business smoothly, profitably and sustainably.

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