Network Cabling

Network Cable Installation

Your business’s IT infrastructure and functionality needs a robust network and data cable network to allow for fast and seamless transfer of data.

iTEXS offers a range of network and data cabling services including:

  • A site survey and system design for new installations
  • Fault-finding and repair on existing systems
  • Upgrades to existing systems

We work with all types of network and data cables including Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a ethernet cables and single- and multimode Fibre-optic cabling.

Whether you need a single access point or a multi-site full installation our skilled team of engineers is able to help.

Case Studies: Network and Data Cable Installation

iTEXS Network Cabling

Case Study 1: Fibre Optic and Cat6a High-Capacity Installation

This project was for a broadcast and television company who needed large scale bandwidth, plus lots of extra capacity for future proofing.

We ran eight Cat 6a cables and one Fibre-optic cable (with 16 cores) to 24 locations around the building.

The Cat 6a lengths used equated to approximately 6 kilometres of cable!

Case Study 2: Wall points and cross-site fibre link

One of our existing IT support clients approached us to help them install a full network system into their new purpose-built premises.

Across the two buildings on site, we installed 140 access points. The two buildings were then linked together with an armoured Fibre-optic cable run through underground ducting.

We then later installed additional points in the vehicle garage, training room, and out to a portacabin.

cross-site fibre link
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iTEXS wall points for IT network

Case Study 3: Wall points for an Accounting business

Our client approached us for a turnkey network installation in a new building. After the main electrical installation was completed, we sent our team in to run the new Cat 5e cabling for 52 wall points.

We installed a new wall cabinet with three patch panels worth of data points, with the network infrastructure covering multiple rooms and offices across the building.

Network Cable Installation FAQ’s

What is network cabling?

Network cabling refers to the physical infrastructure that enables the transmission of data, voice, and video signals within a computer network. It involves the installation of cables, connectors, and related components to create a reliable and efficient network connectivity solution.

What network cabling services does iTEXS offer?

We offers a comprehensive range of network cabling services, including:

  • Network infrastructure design and planning
  • Network cable installation and termination
  • Ethernet cabling (Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, etc.)
  • Fiber optic cabling
  • Cable testing and certification
  • Cable management and organization
  • Network cabling troubleshooting and repairs
  • Data center cabling solutions
  • Voice and telephone cabling
  • New installations and additions to existing networks
Why is proper network important for my business?

Proper network cabling is crucial for ensuring a reliable, high-performance and scalable network infrastructure. It provides the foundation for efficient data transmission, uninterrupted connectivity, and the ability to support increasing data demands. Well-designed and professionally installed network cabling can minimise network downtime, enhance productivity and support future technology advancements.

Can iTEXS handle network cabling projects of any size?

Most definitely – no matter the size of your team, premises and requirement, we have the experience handling network cabling projects of all sizes, from small office setups to large enterprise environments. Whether you require cabling for a single room or an entire building, we can provide the expertise and resources to meet your needs.

Does iTEXS offer customised network cabling solutions?

Yes, iTEXS understands that each business has unique network requirements. We offer customised network cabling solutions tailored to your specific needs, considering factors such as network size, bandwidth requirements, future scalability, and budget constraints. Our team will work closely with you to design and implement a solution that aligns with your current and future needs. We can help with the unique requirements of research laboratories, production environments and normal office installations.

Does iTEXS use high-quality cabling products and materials?

Absolutely. iTEXS is committed to providing high-quality network cabling solutions, and we source and use the quality cabling products and materials from reputable manufacturers to ensure reliable performance, durability, and compliance with industry standards.

Can iTEXS assist with network cabling upgrades or expansions?

Most definitely – whether you need to upgrade your existing cabling infrastructure to support higher data speeds or expand your network to accommodate additional devices and users, iTEXS can assess your requirements and provide the necessary cabling solutions.

How long does it take to complete a network cabling project?

The duration of a network cabling project depends on various factors, including the size of the project, complexity of the installation, and site-specific considerations. iTEXS will provide a project timeline and completion estimate after assessing your specific requirements.

Does iTEXS provide ongoing support and maintenance for network cabling?

Yes – we offer troubleshooting services, repairs, cable testing and certification, and can assist with any future modifications or expansions to your network.

Is iTEXS familiar with industry standards and regulations for network cabling?

Most definitely – we are completely up to date with industry standards and regulations for network cabling, including TIA/EIA and ANSI standards.

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