Case Studies

Nolato PPT Ltd 


We are very pleased to share the success story of our collaboration with Nolato PPT Ltd as iTEXS played a pivotal role in guiding them towards achieving Cyber Essentials certification, which is a testament to their commitment to cybersecurity excellence.

Nolato PPT Ltd recognized the critical importance of safeguarding their digital assets and sought iTEXS’ expertise in achieving Cyber Essentials certification. Our partnership yielded the perfect results:

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment

iTEXS conducted a thorough assessment of Nolato PPT Ltd’s existing cybersecurity setup, identifying potential vulnerabilities and areas for improvement. This assessment formed the foundation of our strategy to attain Cyber Essentials certification.

Tailored Cybersecurity Solutions

Using our deep understanding of cybersecurity best practices, iTEXS produced a tailored roadmap for Nolato PPT Ltd to address identified vulnerabilities and meet the requirements for Cyber Essentials certification. This involved implementing robust security measures to protect against common cyber threats.

Guided Certification Process

iTEXS provided expert guidance and support throughout the certification process, ensuring that Nolato PPT Ltd had the necessary documentation, controls, and procedures in place to achieve compliance with Cyber Essentials requirements. Our proactive approach minimized the complexity of the certification process, making it a seamless journey for Nolato PPT Ltd

Continuous Support and Maintenance

Achieving Cyber Essentials certification is just the beginning of a strong cybersecurity process. iTEXS remains committed to supporting Nolato PPT Ltd beyond certification, providing ongoing monitoring, updates, and guidance to help them maintain compliance and stay resilient against evolving cyber threats.

Thanks to the partnership with iTEXS, Nolato PPT Ltd has successfully achieved Cyber Essentials certification, demonstrating their dedication to cybersecurity best practices and their commitment to protecting sensitive data and assets.

This case study underscores iTEXS’ unwavering commitment to empowering businesses with robust cybersecurity solutions. If you are seeking guidance on your journey toward cybersecurity excellence, iTEXS is your trusted partner every step of the way

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IT Services Case Studies

NR Plumbing and Heating Ltd


NR Plumbing and Heating Ltd are a professional plumbing and heating service based in Ely, supplying services to the surrounding area since 1997.

They faced the need to modernise their IT systems so, NR Plumbing and Heating Ltd sought the expertise of iTEXS to help them achieve this. iTEXS played a pivotal role in managing a fullce company upgrade from traditional on-premises servers to a fully cloud-based setup.

iTEXS worked with NR Plumbing and Heating Ltd by conducting an assessment of their existing IT systems. Together, we formulated a strategic plan that not only modernise their technology but also laid the groundwork for a seamless transition to a cloud-based solution.

Transitioning from on-premises servers to the cloud, whilst keeping the business fully operational requires meticulous planning and execution. iTEXS used its cloud migration expertise to seamlessly transfer all of the NR Plumbing and Heating Ltd data, applications, and processes to a secure cloud environment.

iTEXS also installed modern IT systems to enhance their operational efficiency, which allowed NR Plumbing and Heating Ltd to take advantage of newer tools.

Recognising the importance of a quick adoption and familiarisation, iTEXS provided hands-on training and support to ensure that NR Plumbing and Heating Ltd could confidently use the new cloud-based systems. This approach gave them confidence of both the changes and that the new system would deliver.

The successful modernisation and cloud transition have positioned NR Plumbing and Heating Ltd to take full advantage of the cloud and now their operating environment not only meets the demands of the present but also sets the stage for any future growth and adaptability.

If you are seeking a partner to guide you through a similar transformation, iTEXS is ready to help you on your journey to a more agile and technologically advanced future.

NR Plumbing and Heating

4T Medical 


At iTEXS, we take pride in our ability to transform challenges into opportunities, and our recent collaboration with 4T Medical on their office relocation demonstrates our commitment to delivering comprehensive IT solutions.

As 4T Medical’s long term IT partner, we were comprehensively involved in the transition of their IT to the new premises. From data cabling to the implementation of new IT systems and ensuring robust Wi-Fi connectivity, iTEXS provided a seamless and efficient relocation.

Our tailored approach encompassed:

  • Data Cabling: iTEXS ensured that the foundation of 4T Medical’s IT infrastructure was solid by meticulously planning and implementing data cabling in the new office space. This laid the groundwork for a reliable and scalable network.
  • Cutting-edge IT Systems: Recognizing the importance of staying at the forefront of technology with the required security, iTEXS implemented new IT systems that aligned with 4T Medical’s evolving business needs. This involved the integration of advanced hardware and software solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity.
  • Robust Wi-Fi Connectivity: In today’s dynamic business environment, a strong and secure Wi-Fi connection is paramount. iTEXS optimised and secured the Wi-Fi network in the new premises, ensuring seamless connectivity for their entire team.

Our collaboration with 4T Medical was marked by open communication, solid planning, and a dedication to getting the job done. The successful relocation of their IT infrastructure proves that iTEXS has the capability to manage complex projects and deliver results that exceed expectations.

If you are contemplating an office relocation and seek a partner to manage every aspect of your IT transition, iTEXS is ready to provide the expertise and support you need. Your success is our priority, and we look forward to being the catalyst for your business transformation.

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iTEXS had the privilege of assisting Accelonix, a dynamic business serving the electronics industry across Western Europe, in their journey to relocate to new premises; our team at iTEXS approached this move with a strategic mindset and a focus on ensuring a seamless IT transition.From the initial planning stages to the final execution, our collaboration with Accelonix highlights our expertise in office relocation, and in understanding the unique IT requirements of Accelonix we created a plan that addressed their specific needs. Our goal was to ensure a smooth relocation without compromising the integrity and functionality of their IT infrastructure.Understanding the importance of a well-configured network, we took charge of setting up routers, switches, and ensuring seamless connectivity in the new office. Supplying new equipment where needed and repurposing existing as appropriate.iTEXS’s team managed the physical relocation of IT equipment, from servers to workstations, ensuring everything reached its new destination safely. This approach minimised downtime and allowed Accelonix to resume operations swiftly in their new office.At iTEXS communication is a cornerstone of our service, we know that during office moves there are often changes in dates, and throughout the relocation process we maintained communications with Accelonix to adapt as necessary. This approach provided for a great partnership through what can often be a stressful process.

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House of Luchini


House of Luchini was started in early 2021 by Natasha and Ed Rigatti-Luchini to provide short stay accommodation in the region, and they were keen to get all the respective business processes on the correct footing from the start. To this aim they contacted iTEXS to enquire about all aspects of IT that they will need, from emails and domains to anti-virus and backups. From that initial discussion, and the advice provided, iTEXS demonstrated that we have the experience to support House of Luchini and we are friendly and approachable. From this beginning iTEXS were engaged to setup the systems that were needed for the businesses IT to run, making sure that costs were kept down without limiting any future expansion. iTEXS now manages the IT for House of Luchini and is proud to be supporting them.

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Touch Medical Media Ltd


Touch Medical Media have been providing educational resources to physicians since 2005, and inline with their “digital-first” approach they provide a flexible and non-centralised structure for the operation of the business; this allows them to engage and harness skills globally. To support this Touch Medical Media use iTEXS to provide their IT support, this includes shipping the configured equipment to wherever staff are based. iTEXS also provides all the usual day-to-day IT.

Cambridge Past, Present & Future

Wandlebury Country Park

Improvements in cloud technology was the perfect catalyst for CPPF to upgrade a number of their systems. The day-to-day operations was given both flexibility and improvements in the way that staff could communicate and complete their job functions. The lower initial cost of changes that the cloud benefits from allowed iTEXS to make complete changes for CPPF rather than having to phase things in, this in turn reduced disruption and allowed for the benefits to be realised very quickly. Reducing upfront costs, while achieving early project completion, is an excellent benefit of the cloud that CPPF have taken advantage of.

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Girton Golf Club

Girton, Cambridgeshire

Girton Golf Club is over 80 years old and it has maintained its top reputation by providing the excellent facilities its members want. Behind the scenes it has the same requirements as most businesses and when it came time to look at improving their IT systems iTEXS was asked to put together a costed plan; from this initial step a project was derived, agreed and put into motion.

Having completed the work Girton Golf Club have taken advantage of upgraded onsite systems and using the cloud where appropriate, by mixing the environments best use has been made of technology and the budget has been kept to. These behind-the-scenes upgrades will allow Girton to continue to provide the high level of front-of-house service it is known for.


Cancer Research UK

Cambridge University​

​iTEXS were asked to assist with the rollout and swap out of over 110 computers which required communication with the users, technical support and flexibility. 

This was achieved over a two month period and involved working with each of the users to make sure that their new machines were configured correctly for them with the minimum of disruption.
This was such a success that iTEXS have been asked to come back again for the next rollout. ​


​Ampac Security Products

Melbourn, Royston

As part of their ongoing IT support contract with iTEXS, Ampac required a secure and stable wireless setup within their production warehouse and office suite.  

iTEXS were asked to supply and fit multiple Cisco Wireless Access Points across the site, this involved assessing the number and location of access points needed in a busy and complicated production environment.

This has improved productivity and introduced a great deal of flexibility in the control and monitoring at the Melbourn facility and Ampac have implemented a program to rollout similar setups across all their international sites.​