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IT Services Case Studies

Cambridge Past, Present & Future

Wandlebury Country Park

Improvements in cloud technology was the perfect catalyst for CPPF to upgrade a number of their systems. The day-to-day operations was given both flexibility and improvements in the way that staff could communicate and complete their job functions. The lower initial cost of changes that the cloud benefits from allowed iTEXS to make complete changes for CPPF rather than having to phase things in, this in turn reduced disruption and allowed for the benefits to be realised very quickly. Reducing upfront costs, while achieving early project completion, is an excellent benefit of the cloud that CPPF have taken advantage of.

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Girton Golf Club

Girton, Cambridgeshire

Girton Golf Club is over 80 years old and it has maintained its top reputation by providing the excellent facilities its members want. Behind the scenes it has the same requirements as most businesses and when it came time to look at improving their IT systems iTEXS was asked to put together a costed plan; from this initial step a project was derived, agreed and put into motion. Having completed the work Girton Golf Club have taken advantage of upgraded onsite systems and using the cloud where appropriate, by mixing the environments best use has been made of technology and the budget has been kept to. These behind-the-scenes upgrades will allow Girton to continue to provide the high level of front-of-house service it is known for.


Cancer Research UK

Cambridge University​

​iTEXS were asked to assist with the rollout and swap out of over 110 computers which required communication with the users, technical support and flexibility. 
This was achieved over a two month period and involved working with each of the users to make sure that their new machines were configured correctly for them with the minimum of disruption.
This was such a success that iTEXS have been asked to come back again for the next rollout. ​


​Ampac Security Products

Melbourn, Royston

As part of their ongoing IT support contract with iTEXS, Ampac required a secure and stable wireless setup within their production warehouse and office suite.  
iTEXS were asked to supply and fit multiple Cisco Wireless Access Points across the site, this involved assessing the number and location of access points needed in a busy and complicated production environment.
This has improved productivity and introduced a great deal of flexibility in the control and monitoring at the Melbourn facility and Ampac have implemented a program to rollout similar setups across all their international sites.​