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This video is by Dell and compares their 7000 series device to the HP Elite.

These are powerful and versatile machines that occupy the high end of the market.

Dell 7000 Series Laptop

IT Support Cambridge

There is plenty of competition in the supply of hardware with various companies using innovation and cost to drive their sales.

To ensure we meet your expectations ITEXS uses proven suppliers for its hardware, companies that deliver the quality and backup to be relied upon; we also know that some people have a personal preference whilst others need consistency across their company.

To see what are some of the latest offerings we have put up some of our suppliers information videos below:

Suppliers Information

This is another video by Dell and compares their 5000 series laptop to the Lenovo Thinkpad T400 series.

The 5000 and T400 series are mid level machines providing solid and dependable computing performance.

Dell 5000 Series Laptop