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IP security camera installation is something that we specialise in, where to place IP cameras and what type to use; understanding that they are there to help protect you.


Our IP security cameras can be external, internal, wireless or networked, recording full time or just triggered when needed. They can work day and night and the surveillance recording can be stored for as long as you want.

IP Cameras

Modern IP security cameras can send live information to your smart phone, or just alert you when they are triggered; and multiple security cameras can be run and viewed at the same time allowing you to have CCTV surveillance over areas large and small.


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Protecting your premises, staff and stock should not be something that continuously worries you.  With a simple installation of security surveillance cameras you can have safety and peace of mind, knowing that your premises are being monitored and protected.

Having security cameras can also give you records of who enters certain areas for safety reasons, and if there is an unfortunate incident you will have a surveillance CCTV recording of what transpired; providing you with security and protection.

IP Security Camera Installation